Importance Of Apprenticeships

Why does Experience counts?

We are a firm believer that experience is the only thing that is responsible for the efficiency of a worker. An experienced worker is always full of experience. This experience always helps the worker in the growth and achieving what is nearest to perfection. More experience leads to more knowledge of work which ultimately leads to the efficiency of the work. In today’s times, every other firm prefers experience over a degree. A degree is just the assurance of knowing facts, whereas, the experience is the assurance of knowing of the implementation of the facts that the degree has made this particular person learn. It is important to have experience or practical work with the degree so that experience is not left behind and there is time to time implementation of the facts that are being learned along with the degree. 

Introduction to Apprenticeships:

Apprenticeships are the opportunities of working along with being trained and getting an education about a particular field of work. It is a great opportunity for learners to learn skills while being employed by a low wage. Certificate 4 in building and construction are the way to learn the skills of a person or a particular field of work by working for it as well as getting an opportunity to earn a few bucks ad learn the skill and gaining experience. One of the most important features of apprenticeships is that it allows the student to learn along with studying. 

What benefits do apprenticeships provide?

There are many benefits of apprenticeships. Firstly, a very favorable point that it allows you to earn along with learning. It acts as an opportunity to learn a skill without paying and in return, you are being paid as well as being served with a new skill. Secondly, it polishes all your skills. It allows you to do practical work in your field and learning about it practically. It provides you a maximum chance to polish all your skills regarding the work and solve all the smallest of queries you have regarding it.

Thirdly, it inculcates a state of confidence in a student. It makes the students more social and makes them aware of what is the behavior and environment of the market. It prepares them for the future that what will be the reaction of every move they make in the working place. It allows students to meet new people and socialize with them. Thus, it increases the social relations of the students and makes them confident as a person and in their field of work. Trade Institute of Victoria is a place that allows students to work, learn and earn. It is a Vitoria, Australia based school that enrolls students and provides several carpentry internships opportunities. Feel free to join our carpenter apprenticeship in Melbourne programs and many other services and learning opportunities we provide.

Why To Take Training For Working At Heights

When it comes to working in any field of work, you will always find that people will have to work at great heights to complete a given deadline. We can understand how workload can increase day by day. You may find many companies that require their employees for working at heights.

Now it becomes a responsibility and an obligation towards to firm to keep their employees safe from all dangers especially in case of working at heights. The thing of working at heights is that when the term height is used you will find rare amount of people who are up to this task as we can see that many of them will reject the idea of working at heights as there is a fear in many people’s heart.

 It is this fear which stops people from working at heights and we understand that completely. You may thing that you are getting paid a lot just by working at heights but there is a greater risk involved in it such as death or injuries if you fall from a great height. Any sudden movements can make or break your balance while working at heights.

 Now the thing is you will find many people who are willing to work and guide from ground as it is a safe spot to be at however at heights it becomes a completely different story.

For example, you have a task to complete which is making sure that the antenna is properly aligned and the only way to do it is for you to go up and fix it. Before you leave you will make sure that you have all the proper tools require to work so that you can fix everything and the only time you come down is when your work is completed.


Good working at heights course will always have high risks and for your organization to implement any sort of safety would be to give you a proper training so that you can manage the risk involved in falling. However we have compiled few things that can prevent you from falling down once you have taken the training.


  • It is utmost important that you wear some type of safety gear that can help you out.
  • Your company should assure you that you can easily reach the place where it is required for working at heights.
  • The appliance that will carry you to heights should have enough load capacity that it can withstand heavy loads at great heights so that the employee can work easily.
  • Always know the limitation where you can work and where it becomes impossible to work.


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