Top Shelf Products & Services

Top Shelf Products & Services

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pallet racking

City Shelving has been serving our visitors for over 20 instances now, so that you may be assured that we understand our enterprise. Whether you simply need a bay of synthetic shelving or a whole raised storehouse area, we are able to position the pallet racking in Adelaide identical dedicated hassle into providing you with the fashionable end result to your requirements. We watch approximately chancing you the proper product, and need you glad doing enterprise with us.

This allows us to get to the basis of your storehouse troubles to benefit part and use to be had area to maximize your storehouse eventuality. We’ve hooked up several raised storehouse regions in Adelaide, industrial shelving in which visitors have been thinking about entering into large demesne. Our raised storehouse regions have doubled storehouse ability of their being structure.

With excessive first-class merchandise and types that you could calculate on, we are able to whole an entire storehouse match out. This should consist of pallet raging, synthetic shelving, paintings benches, closets, lockers, accoutrements coping with and protection merchandise. Check out our purchaser structures and witnesses pallet racking Adelaide to peer a number of our finished jobs and glad visitors.  

Design & Consult

Our Deals and Design platoon have expansive assiduity enjoy and are appropriate to layout and feed for any storehouse call for to your modern-day, industrial shelving requirements, at the same time as additionally thinking about the destiny of your enterprise.


 Our Installations platoon has expansive information with a blended 60 instances assiduity enjoy, which means your set up meets Australian first-class norms.


Have you outgrown your modern-day storehouse, and are moving? Take your modern-day racking with you. Our professional platoon will display pallet racking Adelaide the way to use your modern-day racking to your new area.

WHS Rack Safety/ examinations

 When became the remaining time your raging became audited? Is it grievance with Australian norms? What are the secure operating hundreds of your raging?  

Still, speak our Safety and examinations Team to insure your plant is secure, If you do not understand those answers.

Repairs & Maintenance

 Does your raging appearance worn down or is it displaying seen symptoms and symptoms of damage? Speak our conservation, industrial shelving Team and we are able to take a look at and suggest on the fashionable movement to your raging.

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